Commit fa3ba752 authored by Florian Schaal's avatar Florian Schaal
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parent 2f16c156
......@@ -2847,3 +2847,7 @@ body SCHAALIT_BODY_753 /Wisse in Sicherheit deine Lieben/
describe SCHAALIT_BODY_753 schaal @it Spam Body-753
score SCHAALIT_BODY_753 5
body SCHAALIT_BODY_754 /cam(girl|model)/
describe SCHAALIT_BODY_754 schaal @it Spam Body-754
score SCHAALIT_BODY_754 5
......@@ -28410,3 +28410,7 @@ header SCHAALIT_HEADER_7350 From =~ /USAID DONATION/
describe SCHAALIT_HEADER_7350 schaal @it Spam Header-7350
score SCHAALIT_HEADER_7350 5
header SCHAALIT_HEADER_7351 From =~ /Prof\. Dr\. rer\. nat\. Peters/
describe SCHAALIT_HEADER_7351 schaal @it Spam Header-7351
score SCHAALIT_HEADER_7351 5
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